London Trip zur bilingual week

Year 12 of DFL from Berufskolleg Vera Beckers travelled to London from the 2nd July to 5th July during the bilingual days.

This trip was initiated to improve our English skills, to explore the city and broaden our horizon.
Together we set off in a coach on Tuesday 2nd July and took the ferry from Calais in France to Dover, England. Despite being tired we were really lucky and watched a wonderful sunrise and had a view of the cliffs whilst docking into Dover on the morning of 3rd July.
After finally arriving at the London Eye our teacher Mr. Hellwig prepared a “selfie rally” for us around London.

In groups we took selfies at famous sights around the city. We then had some free time to do some sightseeing and go shopping in groups. 😉
In the evening we checked into our Ibis hotel at the Docklands. After getting up and having breakfast on 4th July, we went to the Natural History Museum via the underground.

We also had the chance to go up to the Sky Garden and had an amazing view over London. Enjoying the view we took a group picture.
We spent the rest of the day exploring the beautiful city without our teachers. 😉
Later that evening we set off to travel back to Krefeld and arrived back home on Friday morning.

Overall we all really enjoyed the trip, because we got an insight into the London lifestyle and had plenty of time to explore the capital and its historical sights. In addition, visiting an English city gave us the opportunity to use our English language skills.
(Hannah Engling, DFL74)